New Book – Steady Income – The Diary of Making Money

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St. Louis, MO – July 23, 2009 –“This book is designed to help you to understand your credit report, how to make money, and how to live a comfortable life,” says the author Barron Smith.

“Barron Smith is an author the world can relate too. His style of writing keeps his audiences wondering what’s next. As a spoken words artist and poet, his attention to detail is very precise. He received an editor’s choice award for his poem “Life”, which could be found in his book “Sensible Word for Everyday Life”. If you’re ready for a experience in the world of literature, just pick up any book from Barron Smith,” said his publicist.

Smith says, “I’m not an expert or advisor; I’m just an average person just like you. I had credit problems and I couldn’t keep a dollar in my pocket.”

“But I learned how to make extra money and I read financial guides to help me understand my credit better. I just want to share my knowledge and personal experiences with you, ” Smith went on to say.

Chapter 4 is dedicated to the ladies; Smith will teach the ladies how to become a ‘go getter’ in this so called man’s world. Smith said, “I want the ladies to use their talents to earn money. We need to learn a trade, so when we buy a house we can try to fix things ourselves or make money on the side. If you been on your job for years it’s time to be the boss or to be in a supervisory position. Don’t let this pass you up because of more responsibilities. Know your job well, so that you can be in the position to get that raise or promotion.”

Smith explains: “We need to get out of the bad spending habits. So, prepare yourself financially when you make any purchase. The reward is living the life you dreamed of, taking the vacation you always wanted to take because your finances are good.”

Quotes from this book:

Bad spending habits: “Do you really need a new car with a new car payment or just a new mechanic”.

Learn a trade (chapter 3):
“One day my kitchen drain backed up, so my wife called a plumber. They wanted $75 just to come out and estimated the job at $150-$250 more. That’s $325 for a simple drain. I guess she forgot that I do plumbing as well.

I borrowed the auger (drain snake) from my job the next day and came home and cleared the drain in about 20 minutes. I saved, oh about $325 DOLLARS. When you learn a trade you can make or save tons of money.”

Bad Habits (chapter 5):
We don’t have to replace things because it’s old!

” My mother has a chest type deep freezer in her basement. For over 33 years, it survived a fire and has never been serviced. She asked me one day if she should replace it because it was so old. I looked at her like she was crazy; as long as it worked I would see if it would last another 33 years.”

Be the boss (chapter 2)
Controlling your future:

“When I got out the Navy at the age of 22, I set specific goals for myself. I wanted to be finished with school by the age of 30. I wanted to purchase my first house by 30. Also, I wanted to be established with a promising career by age 30. Now that I’m 33, I finished school at the age of 27. I started a promising career and purchased my first house at the age of 28.”

For the Ladies (Chapter 4)
Simple things that can make you money

“I grew out my hair and eventually ended up with dread locks. I was told to get my dreads re-twisted every 2 weeks. That’s 45 dollars every 2 weeks and Steady Income! Even if you don’t like to deal with other people’s hair, learn how to do your own hair”.

Author: Barron Smith
Title: Steady Income (The Diary of Making Money)
Publisher: Author House