New York State Inspection- Don’t get a ticket

Independence Day has a new significance! “On July 4, 2009, on the steps of our nation’s capital, a new proclamation was declared!”

New York – July, 23, 2009 — “Car and truck owners have declared their freedom from the outrageous vehicle inspection tickets which have cost citizens tens of millions of dollars every year in unnecessary tickets and aggravation,” says Izzy Roditi of Inspection Alert.

Roditi went on to say, “Now, simply registering your car’s inspection expiration date and your email will get you a free and timely reminder to take care of this mandatory task before receiving a summons costing upwards of $65 each.”

What is the cost of not paying these tickets?

New York City will double the fine in thirty days. With interest and late fees worthy of loan sharks, this amount can reach into the hundreds of dollars, potentially resulting in a vehicle being towed by city marshals. In more “liberal” suburbs, failure to pay will get registration renewals denied, cured by a long day in a court, where a judge will demand full payment.


The media is invited to take a guided tour of the website, contact Izzy Roditi at: [email protected] or 1.888.712.6020.

New York State Residents

New York City issues over 2,000 tickets a day. is the answer!

Created by citizens who are tired of the government trying to squeeze every last dollar out of taxpayers, this website is guaranteed to save every car and truck owner time and money. Our source of income is advertisements for mechanics and to the general public, the service is free.

15, 7 and 1 day before your inspection expires, you will receive a reminder plus the name and address of a convenient licensed inspection station in your community.

What is the catch? Less annoying tickets.

As of today, over 250,000 people have registered.
Don’t wait for Washington or Albany to cut your taxes… is your first step in saving money.
Sign up today for free and celebrate Independence Day.