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July 31, 2009
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The Second Annual International Conference on Energy, Logistics and the Environment
** A two-day conference featuring high caliber worldwide executives from the energy, logistics, real estate, government and not for profit organizations who are driving the new low carbon global economy. Come and learn how they are doing it, pick their brains, and interact with them under a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Even more importantly, learn the techniques and tools that you can immediately use to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint regardless of its size. To cap it all, witness energy efficiency in action; tour the energy facilities for the Mirage and Treasure Island hotels. **
Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada
October 23 and 24, 2009

Presented by the Global Commerce Forum


The conference addresses these and many more questions and topics:
Renewable Energy-European Case Study
Natural gas vehicles, how do they fit in the new energy economy?
How does the old energy economy fit into the new energy economy?
Peak Oil – When, Options, Cost & What’s Next?
Learn about the present and future challenges related to oil prices and how you can position your company to take advantage of the new energy economy.
Cap and Trade Program
Hear about the greenhouse cap and trade program and how your firm will be affected.
What Does Energy Independence Mean?
Different organizations and industries interpret the meaning of energy independence differently.
Diverse Fuel 2020 Strategy: Prospects and Challenges
What are the challenges and prospects for attaining an energy independent economy? Even more importantly, how can you position your company to face or take advantage of the challenges and prospects?
SmartWay and the EPA’s Programs for Carbon Footprint Reduction
Hear the latest about the SmartWay program and learn from case studies how your firm can integrate the SmartWay program in your operations.
Private/Public Sector Collaboration – Panel Discussion
A variety of green energy initiatives have been put in place by individual organizations and government agencies. However most of these initiatives have occurred in silos. Listen to the experts discuss some of the collaborative initiatives and how you can position your company to be part of such collaborative efforts.
How to be Competitive in a Recession
Hear how you can be competitive in these turbulent economic times and learn how you can leverage the economic downturn to position your firm to be more competitive when the economy recovers.
Reducing the Global Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Panel Discussion
Hear how companies are driving sustainability into the global supply chain. The panel will discuss sustainability from the point of view of transportation, industrial facilities & LEED certification, architecture, and material handling systems. Learn what you can to today, even in an existing operation to reduce your carbon footprint.
Clean Coal Technology-At What Cost?
Energy Efficiency Panel Discussion
This panel explores how you can make your operations more energy efficient including commercial and residential buildings.
Renewable Energy Technologies and Gaps-Panel Discussion-Case Studies
Strides have been made in developing and deploying renewable resources such as solar, biomass, geothermal, and wind energy. However renewable energy faces a variety of obstacles to widespread deployment. This panel discusses some of the technologies that are available and the barriers hindering commercial implementations and how you can get around these barriers.
How small companies are saving the world in a small way

The following are the confirmed speakers and many more are coming;
Don McClure, Vice President, EnCana Oil and Gas (USA)
Tom Scancke-President and CEO, The Scanke Company
Brian Keane, President, SmartPower
Jim Wright, President, Norwest Engineering
Ron Tan, Global marketing Director, Infernofuel
Helen Anderson, President, Rayvern Lighting Inc
John Leslie, Energy Manager-Mirage and Treasure Island Hotels
Troy Eid, Shareholder, GreenbergTraulig (GT).
John Hanssler, Partner Tatum LLC.
Eric Lewis, President, ONESCSI
William Dean, Director, Expense Reduction Analysts
Joe Kiely, Vice President, Ports-to-plains
Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough, President, KH Consulting Group
Juan Jhuveri, former mayor of Burien City and Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP)
Tim Radbourne, Principal, Radbourne Consulting
Stu Dalheim, Director, Calvert Asset Management Company

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