College Students Are No Longer Buying Textbooks At Record Levels – Students Are Opting To Rent Textbooks Instead

Textbook Prices Have Been Increasing at Twice the Rate of Inflation

Tampa, Florida – August 3, 2009 (Student Rent Textbooks) — “The Cost of Textbooks to the Average College Student Can Add up to 75% the Cost of Tuition. Textbook Prices Have Been Increasing at Twice the Rate of Inflation. A New Solution Offers Textbooks at a Nominal Cost Compared to the Campus Bookstore,” states Rose Anderson of Don’t Buy Textbooks .net.

“The high prices of college textbooks have become an increasing problem,” says Anderson. “Students spend an average of $1,000 or more a year on books and supplies, according to The College Board. This is in large part due to the increasing cost of developing the supplemental learning aids that now often come with the books, such as workbooks, CD-ROM’s, etc. It’s time to think outside the book,” Anderson went on to say. The website allows students a variety of ways to save money on textbooks.

From the website, students have several different options to save money. The first option is the purchase of a digital copy, also known as an e-book. An e-book can be downloaded and used on many different mobile devices, and are offered at a fraction of the cost of a hardcopy textbook. The second option is a hardcopy rental. The student will receive a hardcopy via mail and will have the book throughout the entire semester. Once the semester is completed, the book is placed into a prepaid envelope to make returning the books simple and easy.

The goal of the ongoing “Don’t Buy Textbooks” campaign and website is to provide the necessary resources for college students and parents to save 50-85% on college textbooks. If you are a college student or parent frustrated by the high costs of books, you can follow “Don’t Buy Textbooks” news and updates on Twitter @dontbuytxtbooks.

Source: Rose Anderson, Campaign Manager,
[email protected]