/EIN News/ The head of the “Tagdyr” human rights foundation Armangul Kapasheva believes the strange scandal concerning her native Kazakhstan which started in Austria last week is absurd.

Today the man who is responsible for her husband’s and other citizens’ of Kazakhstan disappearance stays in Austria absconding. This man’s name is Rakhat Aliyev. The former son-in-law of the President of Kazakhstan, multi-millionaire, ex-secret police head and former ambassador now is convicted to 40 years of prison in his motherland, for kidnappings and a criminal group organization inter alia. But for some strange reason he is protected by the Austrian authorities. Besides it doesn’t bother the public there, and this is really illogical.

Herewith Austrian Member of Parliament’s simple inquiry concerning “Aliyev’s case” faced disruptive reaction. The “too curious” MP was immediately accused of being bribed by the Kazakh government. Kapasheva thinks it’s awful injustice: “Why no one in Austria can take interest in this case without being suspected in links with Kazakhstan? Whom Aliyev is so protected by? And where is the public who should have cried out after such an incident? This is totally strange!”

Today Rakhat Aliyev is enjoying luxurious life in Vienna, writing a book and calling himself a leader of the Kazakh opposition allegedly persecuted just for his “battle against the regime” that in truth had given him his power in earlier years. The Austrian authorities claim that the Kazakh court “complies with demands of political leaders of Kazakhstan”. But they take it slow in judging Aliyev by their own independent court, closing their eyes at the fact that there is a whole foundation uniting relatives of this man’s victims shouting under their windows.

But Kapasheva is not the kind of person that will stay idle: “I want to know what happened to my husband. My children have a right to know of their father’s fate. People are vanishing in close proximity to Europe. They are possibly killed. And the criminal can lead luxurious life in Austria. What kind of world is it, if such things are allowed there? Why the row around the inquiry is warmed up, while the aim of this inquiry is to know the reasons of Vienna backing Aliyev?”

“We are supported neither by mass-media nor by governments”, – Kapasheva says. She and her companions have to fight for truth alone. They are not going to stop their struggle in spite of everything. “We are fighting for our relatives, I’m fighting for my husband. How could I even think of being idle and surrender?” – she says. Therefore she keeps going to Europe and searching those who could support her, who would take pains and study “Aliyev’s case” more thoroughly. They have published huge amounts of information concerning Rakhat Aliyev’s crimes on their website http://rakhataliyev.com/, which is attracting lots of interest recently.

Kapasheva wasn’t supported in Vienna during her last visit. “The prosecutor believes that the crime committed not in Austria can’t be investigated there, besides it’s Aliyev’s “own business”. But how could it be his own business, while the murderer gets political asylum in the European country?” – Armangul Kapasheva asks. Now she hopes that Germany and other European countries would lend her a helping hand. She hopes that the European public will take the side of justice and won’t believe silly tricks of Aliyev’s patrons like the Austrians did.