Legal news for California employment law attorney’s. Patricia Heaton sued by her former personal assistant for unpaid wages.

California employment law attorney alert- Actress Patricia Heaton sued by former personal assistant for overtime wages and unpaid wages.

Los Angeles, CA—Actress Patricia Heaton, known for her role of Ray Barone’s wife, Debra Barone, on the CBS television sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond, is named in a lawsuit filed by her former personal assistant. The employment lawsuit named both Heaton and her husband, David Cook, as reported by the

Heaton’s personal assistant, Jennifer Lee, claims Heaton and Cook owe her $7,425 and was fired right after asking for her unpaid wages. In Lee’s lawsuit she named 12 complaints against the actress and her producer husband, listed as:

• Unpaid wages

• Unpaid overtime wages

• Unpaid reimbursements

• Unpaid waiting penalty

• Failure to furnish wage and hourly statements

• Wrongful termination violations of public policy-demand for wages

• Wrongful termination in violations of public policy-medical condition

• Wrongful termination in violations of public policy-parental status

• Retaliation

• Conversion

• Negligence per se

• Unfair business practices-competition

Jennifer Lee reportedly worked for the Hollywood couple from August 2007 to March 2009. According to, Lee also claims she was fired because she couldn’t keep up with the hectic work schedule Heaton demanded. Lee further alleges the work schedule was always sporadic and the actress was over demanding of her and did not adequately pay for her work. Lee is also seeking a jury trial for her employment lawsuit.

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