Conference to Explore Military Energy Strategy and Alternative Fuels

/EIN News/ Los Angeles, August 23, 2009 – The American Institute of Engineers, in association with Technology Training Corporation, will host the 4th Eastern conference on Military Energy and Alternative Fuels, in Washington, DC, October 19-20, 2009.

The conference brings together senior experts from OSD, the Military Services, DOE, and industry to examine the challenges in developing a comprehensive national energy security strategy, as well as how that strategy will impact military roles and missions, how OSD and the individual services are responding, and the key role that alternative fuels R&D will play in improving efficiency, reducing fuel costs, and increasing deployability and mobility. What are the latest OSD and Service energy strategies? What are the latest initiatives and breakthroughs in alternative fuel R&D? What role can DoD play in developing a sustainable alternative fuels industrial base? What role will fuel cells play? Synfuels? BTLs? These and many other critical questions will be addressed.

Highlights will include presentations by General (ret) Paul Kern; Mr. Kim Huntley, Director, Defense Energy Support Center; Mr. Pat Tamburrino, Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations; Dr. Don Erbschloe, Chief Scientist, Air Mobility Command; Dr. Kevin Geiss, Program Director, Energy Security, Office of the Secretary of the Army; Mr. Kevin Billings, Director of Energy and Security, Lockheed Martin and former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Logistics; plus senior representatives from OSD, Air Force HQ, DOE, FAA, and industry.

WHAT: 4th Eastern Conference on Military Energy and Alternative Fuels
[Featuring speakers from OSD, GAO, DESC, OPNAV, DASA/IE, USAF HQ, DOE, FAA, members of the prime contractor community, and leading-edge alternative fuel developers]

WHEN: October 19-20, 2009

WHERE: Alexandria Historic District Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites; 625 First St.; Tel: 703-548-6300/800-972-3159

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