Goal-Setting – 5 Easy Steps to Achieve Goals

New Innovative Motivational Bracelet System Goal Patrol Launched to Help You Move from Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting

Miami, FL – September 9, 2009 (Goal-Setting) — There’s a new motivational product now available, just in time for New Year’s resolutions, to help anyone set and achieve the goals of their dreams. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, reaching a sales team quota, improving your child’s behavior or grades, or even training for a marathon, the new Goal Patrol(R) patent-pending goal-setting system offers a fun way to move you forward to accomplish practically anything.

“Our motivational bracelets will remind you of your goal and help you make progressive steps to achieve it,” said Melissa Shapiro, founder of Goal Patrol. “It’s all about breaking goals down into smaller pieces and celebrating each accomplishment along the way.”

The Goal Patrol secret is five stylish motivational bracelets that you wear to remind you of your goal. You start off by breaking down the goal into five measurable steps and then work to make progress towards each milestone. Each Goal Patrol bracelet has a yellow arrow pointing towards the target, and a unique milestone number highlighted-from one to five-that reminds and rewards you of your progress towards your goal. The bracelets are replaced in order as each milestone is reached and celebrated.

“Switching bracelets as you move along from steps one through five is a fun, motivating tactic to keep you making progress toward your goal,” Shapiro said.

The Goal Patrol motivational bracelet becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle, constantly reminding you of your goal and motivating you to accomplish it.

“I have distributed this motivational product to my clients and it has proven to be a valuable source for goal-setting and motivation,” said Carolyn Kerner Stein, International Motivational Speaker and CEO of The Management Escalator™. If you are sincere about reaching your goals, then your bracelet will keep you on track and be the coach that is motivating you everyday.”

The five-bracelet motivational kit, which includes an instructions booklet and a handy drawstring pouch, also makes a perfect gift to help anyone achieve goals.

Goal Patrol is available at a very affordable $9.99 online at www.goalpatrol.com. The website also has valuable goal-setting tips and ideas on how to use the bracelets to achieve your personal or team goals.

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