16 September 2009, New York/EIN Presswire/ – Despite the global recession, solar industry participants continue to inquire about the long term availability of key metals for solar photovoltaic applications. These key metals include cadmium, gallium, indium, selenium, and tellurium. Industry concerns are specific to each individual element and range from fear about reserves and crowding from other applications, to increasing regulatory constraints, price volatility, and recycling.

Atlumin Energy, a worldwide materials supplier to the photovoltaic industry, will be hosting a series of presentations on these key metals. Atlumin’s metal experts will discuss each metal individually. Atlumin will host these presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday, 22 – 23 September 2009, at the Atlumin booth, B6 / 49.

In an effort to respond to specific concerns and also maintain company confidentiality, these Atlumin metal expert presentations are organized around a one-on-one or small group (single company only) format.
The overall goal of these presentations is to provide an up-to-date snapshot of the factors affecting supply trends, resultant supply-demand balance, and anticipated market price pressures, up and down. With this updated understanding, module manufacturers can adjust their material purchase strategies to reduce price volatility and maintain dependable supply, with partners who guarantee long-term supply and offer programs to improve price stability.

Atlumin’s metal experts bring decades of worldwide experience with these metals. Each of these experts have hands-on experience in geographies holding significant reserves and noteworthy extraction capacities, including Australia, Africa, Europe, China, North and South America, the Pacific Rim, and Russia.

“Advising our customers on key metal trends is part of the value that Atlumin delivers”, noted Gregory Phipps, Atlumin Energy President. “We tailor customer specific metal acquisition programs that accommodate changing market conditions in order to reduce that customer’s price volatility and guarantee dependable availability in support of their accelerating ramp-up. Each customer has unique requirements and we work from extensive experience to create dynamic programs to address their evolving needs.”

Mr. Phipps continued, “Module manufacturers that sporadically buy from unproven suppliers risk material availability and increase their price volatility. This opposes the goal of increasing watts per unit cost. In contrast, proven supply partners that provide credible advice on metal trends are few; and are highly valued by module manufacturers that are publicly traded or plan to go public.”

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Atlumin Energy manufactures materials for solar module manufacturers, with a focus on increasing efficiency. Atlumin products range from key elements, alloys, and specialty chemicals, to engineered fabrications, such as sputtering targets. Metals include cadmium, copper, gallium, indium, selenium, and tellurium. Atlumin also offers advanced recycling and reclaim programs. Atlumin is headquartered in the USA and manufactures in the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Atlumin is a subsidiary of the MCP-Group, a global metals supplier since 1929.