All Natural Nail Technology Inspired By 700 Year Old Masterpiece

Nature’s Nail Secret Preliminary Reviews Exceed Expectations

Oakville, CT – September 21, 2009 — After more than 30 years of formulating products in the natural nail care industry, Frank Busch, CEO and Chief Chemist for Nature’s Nail Inc. found this painting by Duccio di Buoninsegna to be the inspiration for his latest product. To make the paint pigments harden and bond to the canvas, the 13th century artist used natural oils, including flax oil that hardened quickly and proved to be long lasting and durable.

The vibrancy of color still remaining over 700 years later led Mr. Busch to think that he ought to be able to use a similar concept to increase fingernail strength and flexibility. After considerable research he developed the patent pending all natural formula, Nature’s Nail Secret, which has met with excellent preliminary reviews.

Panelist Janice Mullally states: “I have had split nails for several years now, but continued use of this product has lengthened and strengthened my problem nails.” Rose Marie Williamson goes on to say: “After 3 weeks of using your product my nails were definitely not breaking.” Another test subject, Denise Goldman writes: “My nails are currently so hard they might qualify as lethal weapons. Seriously, what a dramatic, positive difference your latest formuIa has had on my previously soft nails.” Inventor Frank Busch said: “Why didn’t I realize this concept sooner?”

The essential oils in the Nature’s Nail Secret bond to the nails to create a remarkably hard and durable complex which results in stronger nails that won’t crack, chip or peel. Market studies showed that consumers are seriously interested in the use of an all natural product versus those that contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde that can harden nails but are not considered environmentally safe.

Nature’s Nail Secret offers consumers a completely natural alternative to achieving beautiful fingernails without the use of artificial enhancements or harsh chemicals. 85% of panelists saw improvement in the strength and resiliency of their nails, considered the product to be easy to use, and also felt there was the added benefit of their cuticles attaining a better overall condition.

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