In Recognition of Extraordinary Life Saving Achievements

Milledgeville, GA – September 21, 2009 — Emergency Miracle Services was created with the concept of recognizing certain individuals for their extraordinary LIFE SAVING achievements such as Paramedics, Firemen, Rescue Workers, Emergency Room Physicians, Cardiac Physicians and of course Emergency Medical Technicians.

Our line of Emergency Miracle Technician products are the perfect gift and way to show your appreciation to that individual or individuals who were instrumental in saving you or a loved one’s life. There are certificates designating someone as having achieved the status of an Emergency Miracle Technician for their extraordinary life saving achievement. In addition the EMT line of products currently includes T-shirts, Sweat Shirts, Caps, Coffee Cups, Patches, Decals, Bumper Stickers, Koozees, Tumblers, Fanny Packs and Sports Bags with plans to expand the product line to cover Emergency Miracle Physician for ER MD’s and cardiologist, Emergency Miracle Dispatcher for the person who may have taken the call at 911 and Emergency Miracle Instructor for people who teach CPR, ACLS or EMT/Paramedic classes.

The website also has a “Tell Us Your Story” page where individuals can submit their story about their accident or near death experience and thank the person who saved their or their loved one’s life.

For those of you who have young aspiring Future EMT and Future Fireman there are youth size caps and t-shirts with Future EMT and Future Fireman on them.

Retailer who like the uniqueness of the EMS line of products and would like to stock them in their store can send an inquiry to [email protected] for whole sale quantity pricing or call 478-457-4747

About the Owner

Jerry Tomlin was originally from Shreveport, LA but now calls Milledgeville, GA. his home. He was formerly an RN for over 30 years before pursuing a career as as author and entrepreneur. He has successfully run a crow guiding and mail order hunting supply business called The Crow Roost since producing the very first crow hunting instructional video “Eating Crow” in 1991. Since that time he has sold over 3500 copies of the video and personally knows exactly how a crow feels when it gets shot as 6 years ago he got Dick Cheneyed with a load of #6 shot at 30 yards. He has appeared on 9 Outdoor TV shows demonstrating his “Duck Hunting Method” for shooting crows as well as has written himself and had other writers write numerous articles about his technique. Recently he has published his first cartoon riddle book “The Book of Knotsense” with a total of eight books planned for the series. He is a graduate of the Jeff Justice Stand-up Comedian Workshops Level I & II.

For more information contact: Jerry Tomlin
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (478) 457-4747