/EIN Presswire/ After being in the direct marketing and sales industry for over a year and a half with the leading sales/marketing, training and education platform for online entrepreneurs, it was an easy yet important decision for Kirk Paterson to make to attend the upcoming Live Master Marketing event hosted by Carbon Copy Pro. The event will take place at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada on November 19, 2009. Although the nearing capacity of the largest ballroom, tickets are still available as of this writing.

When asked why the decision was so easy yet important Kirk had this to say.

“Being an online entrepreneur takes great discipline and self motivation as you have got to be accountable for yourself. It is necessary to change up the routine by attending every live event that your company offers for the success of your business. These events not only reinforce the vision but they confirm the belief for all the new members. Further, it is where you can mastermind with other likeminded aspiring individuals and get to know your entire organisation not only on a professional level but as the real people they are. These are the same people that you may only know from telephone conversations, pictures and videos over the net. The live events turn the intangibility of the internet into as real an object as the computer screen in front of your eyes. “

He then had this to say about leadership.

“All the leaders will be there, many are now my good friends. Some of us will leave with an award. Although we are in direct completion, it is an environment that is friendly by nature and inspiring to be around. We share trade secrets on how to improve. Moreover, seeing the growth of the other consultant’s performance from the last event is very gratifying on its own. However, these events are packed full of the latest tips and tricks by industry experts when it comes to marketing on the internet and creating/maintain the mindset required to tackle all the obstacles that one faces in there daily life as a successful online home based entrepreneur.”

According to Kirk Paterson, “anyone with a burning desire to have a successful online business, is an eager student and is willing to put forth the effort, can be a success with Carbon Copy Pro.”

Kirk’s love of business and entrepreneurialism lead him to the internet where he discovered how to leverage his time and money. He is very grateful for the online business model and passionate about this system. To hear more from Kirk directly and gain insight into the online business world you can visit him at: http://MeetKirkPaterson.com/?t=pressrelease.carboncopypro.lasvegas