As a new service to businesses operating in radio, television and associated fields, introducing RBR-TVBR PressWire as a way to post press releases to get the attention of RBR-TVBR readers, as well as people browsing hundreds of related sites. For only $49.95, your company’s announcement can be put out for the world to see and use.

Your important release will be posted in an exclusive area on the homepage. Along with RBR-TVBR’s PressWire distribution list via the EIN network, your release can reach hundreds of news publications, partner newswire services & journalists worldwide.

“This is an unfiltered way to deliver the message you want to deliver, worded exactly as you want it, to our RBR-TVBR readers,” said RBR-TVBR Founder and Publisher Jim Carnegie. “Our editorial staff still reports the news as we see it, along with our famous observations, but this is unique. This special section of along with a PressWire position in RBR & TVBR Epapers – will let you be in control of your content and Content is King.

News releases can be posted quickly and easily online at RBR-TVBR’s Presswire submission page, with payment by credit card. The announcement will then be posted on and distributed to the publications, partner sites and journalists on the EIN network that you choose. Again you are in Control of your Content.

Purchasing a press release through qualifies you for a free upgrade to the Inbox Robot (a $49 value) for added exposure and additional benefits. This free upgrade is only available when purchasing from

The Inbox Robot is a news retrieval service that searches thousands of online sources and delivers results directly to your e-mail inbox. You can customize your own newsletters or pick from thousands of preset newsletters created by our staff. Continuous updates ensure the latest and freshest news on any topic.

To access the RBR-TVBR PressWire, or to get tips on how to create an effective press release, go to