/EIN Presswire/ ProFightNetwork (PFN) knew what it was doing when it signed an exclusive broadcast of Fight_Net Radio and the numbers don’t lie. Fight_Net Radio has quickly risen to the top spot in the MMA/Boxing world; in fact it stands alone in top position in the broadcasting world. Fight_Net radio is the number 6 overall podcasting programming. The question is what is next for this MMA/Boxing show that defies the norm, is so controversial its not on regular radio?

People are taking notice, in fact the Mercury Examiner says, “Lee Honish is the Howard Stern of MMA/Boxing,” Chuck Liddell apparently likes the radio show too, “I have listened to this show and I am really surprised no one has kicked your ass. My guess is that if Greenman is not around you, it will happen.” Rashad Evans is quoted as saying, “You all are so stupid it’s funny, not really but you definitely speak your mind.”

As many radio and talk shows continue to align their self with either boxing or MMA, ProFightNetwork and Fight_Net radio seem to share similar beliefs in that the two are much related and extremely intertwined. Both believe the sports cater to similar fans, and they also know that today’s world gets their entertainment via internet and Iphones. Steve Haase, Treasurer of www.ProFightNetwork.com, describes the relationship with Fight_Net Radio like this, “We wanted to be separate from Fight_Net Radio from a legal standpoint much like Sirius and XM does with all their top shows, but we definitely wanted the broadcast.” ProFightNetwork has carefully and strategically picked out its partners and it is catching on throughout the world. Even though MMA is a very fast growing sport, boxing is a world sport and we are a world MMA/boxing website.

PFN sought out Fight_Net Radio and Lee Honish because, as ProFightNetwork’s President Chris Greenman put it, “How does a guy with zero broadcast experience within a six months time frame, secure a fight with Danny Bonaduce in a San Diego Sports Arena, have it Broadcasted by CBS and NBC affiliates, and secure over 4 million registered listeners? Well, he must be doing something right, my position on the show is knowledge of the sport, fighters, and basically to control Lee Honish, which is not an easy task. We haven’t advertised on the show because we didn’t want to be responsible for the content or the things that come out of his mouth, however, with over 6,000 podcast a day being downloaded, advertisers are missing out so I think I am going to allow a few lucky people to advertise on the show and donate part of the proceeds to charity.”

Part of the ProFightNetwork staff had lunch with Lee Honish and we questioned his tactics. Lee Honish told PFN, “I didn’t do this for the money, I make plenty enough to support some ex-wives and live a great life. I do this show for the fans and fighters, and I don’t short change either of them. I speak the truth, I am candid, and I give the listeners what they want to hear. I don’t give in to anything for money, therefore I don’t say what the UFC, Strike Force, or any other organization would like me to say. Why do you think people listen to people like Glenn Beck, Rush, Howard Stern in the millions, because they are brutally honest, I know it can hurt but it is the way I prefer things.”

Honish goes on to say, “My co-hosts are the show, they have the inside knowledge, the class, the pedigrees and degrees. In fact, we get so much inside scoop we feed organizations like Sherdog and even the L.A. Times with their “breaking news,” Greenman knows stuff the same time Dana White does, we announced the Silva and Belfort fight 3 days before the L.A. Times broke it, what a joke.”

Although the staff did its best not to get Honish started, we did mention the Yahoo Sports to him and he blew a gasket, “Why would you name your mma news, UFC? That is like calling all football NFL, or all boxing WBC, or all basketball, NBA. Hey Dana White has done great things for MMA but so has Pride, so has K1, Strike Force, Gracie, etc. This is a growing huge sport and just because you’re not in the UFC doesn’t mean you’re not a MMA fighter.

ProFightNetwork’s Steve Haase explains, “We would like to get Fight_Net Radio on satellite radio or another major outlet but we want to be able to keep the show in its current format, much like Howard Stern did. We feel it is sometime’s a Seinfeld of MMA/Boxing mixed in with a Fox News, meaning you get unbiased news with a show about nothing that entertains the heck out of you. I listen to it in my car and I can’t help from laughing.”

Although Fight_Net radio was a controversial pick, we have partnered with strategic partners since the beginning. Robert Drysdale, Randy Couture, Fonality Phone Systems, and just this last week www.mmabay.co.uk. We picked a UFC fighter in Randy Couture that is a class act, a UFC legend, with an impeccable reputation and thus only endorsing his pharmaceutical line of supplements. A seminar and BJJ expert who is in a class all by himself in Robert Drysdale who has been a major contributor to our U.S. Military programs and seminar program as well. Fonality Phone Systems who launched the first corporate “Fight Club” that we covered. And recently www.mmabay.co.uk who we found is the most unbiased news reporting website in the world. ProFightNetwork’s president says, “MMABAY does a great job of not being influenced, its tough because money talks, so I understand MMA Weekly, Yahoo, Sherdog, MMA junkie, and many other news reporting places to lean one way which is usually the UFC way. However, our site is about the truth, entertainment, and ethics in a community based format, MMABAY fit the mold as a news source and their international which makes it great.”

Fight_Net Radio was initially sanitized by ProFightNetwork’s President, Chris Greenman, because of it’s controversial content, but PFN saw ratings plummet, and the community go elsewhere. Greenman brought the explicit content back but made it clear PFN was not Fight_Net Radio, but rather business partners. PFN and Fight_Net Radio started to soar again as the fastest growing MMA/Boxing website in the world and the number one MMA/Boxing radio broadcast on this planet, ProFightNetwork had no choice. We love having the tight social community, the Howad Stern of MMA/Boxing, a UFC legend, and now a great news source that shares our belief of delivering MMA/Boxing fans the truth and what they want. ProFightNetwork is looking for 2 to 4 exclusive advertisers to dare to advertise on our top rated radio broadcast but you must not get offended easily.