/EIN Presswire/ Insight Sports Ltd., a leading North American sports media and entertainment company based in Toronto, has announced the launch of a powerful new sales system for its specialty television network GameTV. The system, called SDS Sales, was developed and installed by leading broadcast management solutions provider, Specialty Data Systems (SDS) Inc.

“We chose SDS Sales because it’s a very powerful, efficient sales tool that integrates seamlessly into our system with no down-time,” said Bryan Press, Vice President, Sales and Business Development of Insight Sports. “The system helps increase the efficiency and maximize the resources of our sales team, which is critical in today’s competitive market. It also enables us to reduce redundancies and costs and have better clarity and management of our sales process.”

Insight Sports owns, creates, aggregates and distributes sports and entertainment content across multiple platforms, including broadcast television, events, on-line, mobile, in-arena and video on-demand. In addition to GameTV, the company also owns the World Fishing Network – North America’s only network devoted entirely to fishing – and holds a significant interest in the NHL Network, a 24-hour hockey channel.

SDS Sales is part of SDS’s flagship broadcast management system, SDS Symphony – used by television stations, radio stations and cable networks across Canada and in the U.S. SDS Symphony unifies sales, traffic, programming, finance and operations, enabling a two-way, real-time flow of data to be shared across departments and eliminating the need to re-key information or use paper.

Used as a stand-alone application or a unified component of SDS Symphony, SDS Sales is an easy-to-use sales presentation tool, designed to help sales representatives quickly prepare, and electronically send, custom-tailored proposals. Among the system’s features are the ability to: automatically build proposals in seconds, based on accurate, consolidated network data available in real time; send and receive orders electronically to and from traffic operations; speed up sales approvals via electronic routing; and combine or separate data as desired from an unlimited number of television and radio stations, or networks, for presentations or buys.

“Whether broadcasters have one station or multiple outlets, SDS helps unify their operations and speeds up and simplifies the sales proposal-to-contract process,” said Dave Cole, SDS President. “With the technology’s relational database, it’s simple and convenient to add new stations into the system, and the technology itself is very easy to use, while delivering significant cost savings for broadcasters.”