iLAB’s Ultra V Cleaner series provides fast and effective sterilization of germs, viruses, algae and mold.

/EIN Presswire/ SELDEN, NY USA – October 26, 2009 – iLAB America Inc., announced that they have launched their newly redesigned UVS-1 instant surface sterilizer. The Ultra V Cleaner series products are designed with personal and public protection in mind. The UVS-1 Instant Surface Sterilizer is ideal for home and commercial use. It can be used in Doctor’s offices, Dentist offices, Hospitals, and more to provide fast sterilization of surfaces such as desks, reception counters, tables and other surfaces to help protect staff, patients, customers and visitors by keeping a UVS-1 near these surfaces for fast and easy periodic sterilization.
The UVS-1 surface sterilizer takes only seconds and uses proven germicidal UV light to render germs, viruses, algae and mold incapable of reproducing. The UVS-1 provides and intensive germicidal UV sterilization effect that effectively kills micro-organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts by rendering them incapable of reproducing.
A typical use of the UVS-1 would be to quickly sterilize a countertop for influenza. To do this, the UVS-1 is moved side to side for a few seconds, covering the countertop area.
An additional benefit is the reduced use of chemicals for surface sterilization. The UVS-1 does not use any chemicals.

“The UVS-1 is ideal as an additional tool in these challenging times to curb the spread of Swine Flu and other diseases,” said Wayne Boyle, President and CEO, iLAB America. “It only takes a few seconds for a countertop or other surface to be sterilized, which makes it ideal for busy locations.”

About iLAB America
Founded in 1998, iLAB America, short for Integration Laboratories, develops state of the art electronics products for the consumer and professional markets. For more information about the UVS-1 and sales representative opportunities, visit our website at