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Miami, Florida — Are you an attorney or a journalist who wants access to the latest news in your community? Perhaps you are a legal professional who is looking for easy access to legal help, law articles, or industry press releases.

JusticeNewsFlash.com was created with lawyers in mind, helping law firms, media companies, and others to increase their online presence, strengthen their branding and build a stronger client base.

Driven by an experienced team of legal news reporters, Justice News Flash offers a full range of public relations services to help attorneys build a reputable image within a highly competitive economic environment.

Standing strong with our over 20 years in the market, Justice News Flash has developed a keen understanding for the valuable need for powerful lawyer marketing and public relations arenas. Armed with that understanding, the company uses their expertise to launch law firm promotions to the next level.

Membership is fast and free for professionals on the go. After all, who has time to waste when there are client connections to make and a world of business at your fingertips?

The lawyer press release distribution services at JusticeNewsFlash.com are as effective as they are fast:

* Guaranteed Media Publicity
* Google News Inclusion (Subject to guidelines)
* Google web results
* Red Tram News Inclusion
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* Yahoo / MSN web search results
* Large Network of RSS Feeds
* Search Engine Optimized Press Releases

If you are interested in becoming a member of JusticeNewsFlash.com and seeing your traffic increase, log on to http://www.justicenewsflash.com/ or call 866-598-1315.

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