/EIN Presswire / Specialty Data Systems (SDS) Inc., a leading North American provider of broadcast management software, has announced that it has secured a contract to consolidate and manage data for GlassBOX Television’s multi-platform channels, BITE and AUX.

Using SDS’s flagship broadcast management software, SDS Symphony, GlassBOX benefits by having a common database to integrate sales, traffic, programming, operations, and accounting. The system enables instantaneous communication between stations and eliminates the need for data reentry and cross-verification.

“This technology is a perfect fit for our stations,” said Ryan Fuss, Director of Sales, GlassBOX Media Group. “By centralizing information in real time, the system increases the efficiency of our team by synching up all aspects of our operations.”

Through SDS Symphony, information can be shared across departments without the need to re-key information or use paper. Users access information online in real time and data is filtered and formatted to meet specific needs. This includes programming airtime, booking orders, scheduling promos, enforcing credit rules, and producing sales and commission reports.

“With SDS’s technology, broadcasters have better clarity and control of their information since data is always centralized in real time and up-to-date,” said Dave Cole, President of SDS, emphasizing that the system’s two-way flow of data allows for faster implementation, reduces redundancies and costs, and is able to easily grow and adapt as broadcasters grow and the market evolves.

BITE is an award-winning playhouse for all things funny, irreverent, and unpredictable. Launched as Canada’s first truly interactive, multi-platform channel, it airs and covers comedy, pop culture, and music. Newly-launched AUX is the face of thriving music culture. It’s an interactive, multi-platform channel dedicated to musical groundbreakers in Canada and from around the world. Viewers can visit www.bite.ca and www.aux.tv for more info on these channels.

Established in 1993, Toronto-based SDS specializes in developing a proven, unified approach to broadcast sales, traffic, programming, operations and accounting. SDS, a mid-sized company with more than 150 television and radio station clients representing a billion dollars in advertising revenues, is independent of broadcaster ownership and remains an agile and customer-focused company.