11th Southern Africa Energy Week 2010
8th-10th February 2010
Johannesburg, South Africa
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/EIN Presswire/ Our 11th Southern African Energy Conference 2010 takes place over 8-10 February 2010, at the Sandton Sun Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Southern Africa Energy Week, includes Presentations from senior executives from key Governments, Companies and National Oil Companies.

Our 11th Southern African Energy Conference 2010 provides a timely, in-depth management assessment for decision-makers on these key strategic shifts that will impact all Governments, companies, investors, financiers, and service/supply industries within Africa’s most energy-critical region.

The large and growing Southern African oil, gas and energy/coal complex – including future fuels in the form of additional Gas-to Liquids, Coal-Bed Methane and CTL, eventual LNG, biofuels, ethanol and renewables – has created a larger and more integrated market to underpin economic growth and future development. This new and dynamic shape to energy supply complements existing upstream capacity in offshore oil, onshore gas, pipeline networks for crude and product, plus limited nuclear energy, as well as synfuels generated by established producers. In many Southern African countries exploration and development ventures in oil/gas are moving forward and upstream projects are higher on the corporate agenda, with new acreage leasing, and drilling, plus targets such as heavy oil development based on large proven reserves.

Key Events at: 11th Southern Africa Energy Week 2010 – Separately Bookable

6th Southern Africa Energy: Strategy Briefing

This 6th Southern Africa Energy: Strategy Briefing held prior to our 11th Southern Africa Energy Conference 2010 provides key insights on the oil, gas and energy game, built on 30 years of oil and gas research. It tracks shifting maps in Africa South of the Equator, for 21 countries, providing seasoned insights unique to Global Pacific & Partners.

Presentations are by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners), author of the widely-acclaimed Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize (Profile Books, London 2008), the first Africa-wide oil historiography to the present day. Earlier published books by Duncan Clarke include The Battle For Barrels (Profile, February 2007) and Empires Of Oil (Profile September 2007).

Participants benefit from our unique knowledge and high-level networking at Luncheon and Cocktail Reception with Industry Guests. Delegates receive online access to all Presentations (with 750+ Images). The Strategy Briefing takes place under Machiavelli’s Rules. Right of Admission Reserved by Global Pacific & Partners. No Press.

3rd PetroAfricanus Highveld Dinner

Our Guest Speaker at the 3rd PetroAfricanus Dinner on the Highveld, is Andrew Windham, Managing Director, Tullow Oil Africa

PetroAfricanus has established a worldwide reputation as a key private network for management, African deal-making in oil and gas, and new business relationships for the Continent – supported in Year-2008 by our Corporate Patron Preng & Associates, Corporate Sponsors Ophir Energy, Hess, Tullow Oil and Afren, with Corporate Members Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun, plus numerous individuals drawn from around the world and in Africa.

PetroAfricanus Dinners take place in a private and unique setting. Available places are limited, and early booking is always recommended. Machiavelli’s Rules. No Press. This Dinner will the Club’s 29th Dinner since Inauguration.

The 31st PetroAfricanus Dinner is included within the Registration of the 11th Southern Africa Energy 2010 conference – Individual Bookings are not possible on this occassion

Corporate Tables of 8 or 10 may be booked separately at ZAR 995 per/person: For further details contact [email protected]