DNA Pro Performance Releases New Product

Revolutionary Basketball Training Aid, MAD Handlz

Atlanta, GA – DNA Pro Performance, the maker of sports training products that encode advanced fundamentals into your DNA, announced today the release of MAD Handlz, a revolutionary training aid that improves your basketball dribbling and shooting proficiency.

Mad Handlz is a dynamic basketball triple threat training aid that will enhance your ball handling, shooting touch, and rebounding all in one simple tool that will infuse advanced fundamentals into your Basketball DNA. MAD Handlz allows you to:

– Refine and strengthen acute motor skills in the fingers, which are the gateway to ambidexterity and cross dominance when dribbling

– Dramatically improve your ability to advance the ball up the court, penetrate to the hoop and evade defenders when the ball is your hands

– Improve finger and wrist flex that will stabilize your basketball grip, impart greater backspin and “soften” the basketball shot

– Encode a quick, fluid release and medium arc to your shooting that will extend your range and increase your field goal percentage

“This is the dribbling and shooting clinic that you wear! As a coach on all levels of junior and high school for 20 years, I have been trying to find ways to get my players to handle the basketball with their fingers to have better control of the ball. This is a quick easy way to start working on this critical fundamental of ball handling and the repetition will really encode this skill into your B-Ball DNA. This is a must for every serious ball player on any level.” – Terry Howard, Louisville, KY.

Product is now available online in our retail store for $34.99. For more information on MAD Handlz, visit: http://www.dnaproperformance.com

Now through December 31, 2009, we are offering free shipping on the first pair of MAD Handlz and a free MAD Handlz Sack Pack with your purchase!

ABOUT COMPANY NAME – Design In Athletic Pro Performance (DNA) is a sports equipment design company based in Atlanta, GA, singularly focused on the development of sports related products that amplify and heighten an athlete’s natural ability and talent. For additional information please visit our website at:

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DNA Pro Performance
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