Dainty earmuffs and handmade headbands

Toronto, ON – Mari Santos has been causing a stir with her “Gossip Girl-esque” luxury headband brand, Little Fille. Currently based in London, Santos has gained an MA in Fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

Lovingly handmade, Little Fille headbands are delicately crafted so that most pieces can be worn in more ways than one.

On our radar is the lush threeway boho headband, a must-have accessory for any fashionista. Striking and versatile, this piece can be paired with anything from your favourite little black dress to your old denim cut-offs. Use rope-side up for a classic look or unleash your bohemian spirit by framing your face with the gorgeous double-banded print.

On the top of our wish lists this year are the luxe earmuffs, guaranteed to keep ears snug and toasty. Sweet and chic, not only will these satisfy your need for style, they’re sure to warm your winter chills too. Who says fashion can’t be practical?

If you haven’t decided what Christmas gift to give your fashion forward best friend, niece, sister, or daughter, Little Fille is it. Hurry before they run out! http://www.littlefille.com