Non-fiction Freemasonry Book Reveals Its Ancient Egyptian Origins

Palo Alto CA December 1, 2009 — Freemasonry continues to pique and hold communal interest. The interest is so high, that popular fictional thrillers were created to engage the widespread pangs of curiosity. Jeffrey Lewis author of a new book release; believes a lack of knowledge of freemasonry’s origins, contributes to the Freemason mystique. Lewis states “It is time to unveil the source of the esoteric thrill-Ancient Egypt-by satisfying the hunger of the inquisitive with non-fiction. Revealing the symbols and their meaning will bring significance to the ‘artifacts’ viewed in 100 museums around the world, offer an alternative perspective to already written books, and the likely re-write of ‘Googled’ Egyptian mythology.” The genuine and original Freemason Symbols are “lost” along the Banks of the River Nile, Egypt in plain sight. They are ‘lost’, only insofar as they are not understood in the Current Era. For 5000 years, the Symbols remain un-deciphered except to those of religious stature in Ancient Egypt. Jeffrey Lewis’ soon to be released book; ‘The Untold Religion of Ancient Egypt’ exposes the Symbols and their meaning. The research discovers that the Symbols serve separate groups of Ancient Egyptians, very differently. Similarly, current-day translated hieroglyphics also reflect allegorical ‘doublespeak’ and have alternative meaning. Together, the symbols and hieroglyphics reveal a religious format, supportive of all groups within the ‘Ancient Egyptian’ society.

An independent Llumina review praises ‘The Untold Religion of Ancient Egypt’…

“In its current form, it is a solid work of scholarship; its combination of a unique and fascinating argument with convincing evidence will make it a valuable resource for future studies.

One thing I’d particularly like to commend you on is the research involved in this manuscript; you draw on a deep well of information which was clearly meticulously sought out and studied, and readers will recognize and appreciate that tremendous effort. I was also impressed with the variety of sources—you don’t simply rely on one or two reference points but a wide array of historic and modern texts. This lends an additional air of credibility and authenticity to the work as a whole”.
The stunning non-fictional investigation reveals an alternative religion hitherto unknown or unrecognized throughout the world.

Book Information

Author: Jeffrey Lewis

ISBN: 978-0-615-31882-0

Suggested Retail Price: US$21.95, CAN$21.95

Size and Format: 6×9 / Paperback

Page Count: 194

Genre: Religious History

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