Officials in Murphy have spoken for the first time about the accidental hanging of a toddler.

Murphy, Texas ( – Officials in Murphy recently spoke for the first time about the tragic death of a toddler, who was reportedly accidentally hanged in a soccer net in the backyard of his family’s home. As reported by CBS 11 News, Murphy city officials answered questions about the death of 21-month-old Matthew Cantrell Thursday, after a city filing for the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against them by the child’s family for the manner in which a 911 phone call by his mother was handled.

Murphy City manager James Fisher is quoted by CBS 11 News as stating of the incident, which occurred two years ago, “It was an accident. It was a tragedy… The city employees that were involved did a great in performing in a very stressful situation.”

Matthew’s mother, Ave Cantrell, is further quoted as stating of her feelings while calling 911, “You know he’s slipping away. You know you want to do something. You want to do something and I was begging for help and all I got was ‘calm down, calm down.” – The latest in Legal News