Wilshire Holding Group hires law firm to stop company that pilfered proprietary documentation

Land O’ Lakes, FL – December 7, 2009 — Wilshire Holding Group, Inc. of Land O Lakes, Florida and Canyon Country, CA has retained Jason Weaver, Esquire with the firm of Hagen & Hagen, PA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL to do any and all actions needed to stop Sterling Holding Group, LLC from their illegal usage of Wilshire’s valuable and protected trade secrets.

Documents and data currently being used by Sterling are near verbatim copies of documents belonging to Wilshire, and Wilshire has reason to believe that, during her employ as a receptionist with Wilshire, Sandra Neuwirth illegally copied Wilshire files and retains them to this day
Further evidence of the usage and dissemination of Wilshire’s protected and confidential trade secrets can be found on Sterling’s website, wherin it is clear upon comparison of the two sites that language used by Sterling is clearly lifted directly from wording and verbiage in Wilshire’s website, amounting to copyright violations as well.
Wilshire Holding Group Inc. has authorized Weaver to file for an immediate injunction against Sterling, its agents, directors, and officers, preventing and ceasing all further misuse and dissemination of Wilshire’s trade secrets, pursuant to Florida’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act, FLA. STAT. §688.001 et. seq. (2008).

Sandra Neuwirth, along with her husband, William Neuwirth started Sterling Holding Group, LLC on August 24, 2009. A comparison of the 2 companies can be found at www.sterlingholdinggroup.com.

Since the Northridge, California earthquake in January, 1994, Stuart Vener, President of Wilshire Holding Group, Inc. has helped thousands of people dispose of over encumbered real estate. Vener is a real estate expert available as a Court Witness and consultant to many Fortune 500 Companies.

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