An Arlington woman accused of killing her husband has been released on bail.

Arlington, Texas ( – A woman who is accused of murdering her husband has been released on bail. As reported by CBS 11 News, Colette Reyes, who has been charged in the killing of her husband, former University of Arlington professor Arthur Reyes, was released after her $200,000 bail was lowered to $35,000.

As noted in the report, police say Colette shot her husband of 21 years last month. She and her attorney, Wes Ball, have stated the shooting was an act of self-defense, and that Colette suffered many years of abuse from her husband. The two were reportedly getting a divorce.

Ball is quoted by CBS 11 as stating of his client’s lowered bail, “This is a lady who had never been in trouble with the law. She did volunteer work for a homeless shelter, a very religious lady, and the bail was excessive.” – The latest in Legal News