Power Hit – The Sport Of Fitness

New York, New York – December 23, 2009 — Denis Barry, the Creator and Founder of POWER HIT as seen on NBC’s Nightly News will be giving a free seminar at 7pm on Sunday January 3rd, 2010 at his gym EDGE, City Search’s Best Gym in NYC for the last 3 years, located on the Upper East Side of New York at 403 East 91st. POWER HIT is a high intensity training program designed to get its athletes leaner, quicker and stronger. No matter what your current state of fitness POWER HIT can work for you and teach you how to become one of its athletes. Learn what actually makes your metabolism work and why the American diet makes it nearly impossible to be successful in losing weight. A former competitive bodybuilder with multiple titles has drawn on his experience of over 20 years as a trainer and competitor to teach you the keys to a successful training and weight loss program.

“Gyms don’t work, plain and simple”, says Denis “Because gyms don’t teach people how to work. Gyms aren’t supposed to work, the people in them are supposed to. Real change requires real work, if you don’t leave your gym dripping with sweat, then ask for your money back.” POWER HIT reflects Denis’ no nonsense attitude toward training and the results that should be expected. “Why are gyms not held accountable?” Denis asks, “When you invest in any product you expect results, why should your gym be any different?” Attend the seminar and let Denis show you how to take charge of your nutrition, fitness and your life.

EDGE City Search’s Best Gym in NYC for the last 3 years, is the home of POWER HIT is located at 403 East 91st. The phone number is 212.722.0076 and their website is www.edgegyms.com.

Anyone interested in contacting Denis directly should email him at [email protected]