Road Map for Buyers, Sellers and Investors in Broadcast Stations

Washington, D.C., December 23, 2009. – After several years of lackluster radio and television commercial station sales activity, held down by the lack of financing and uncertainty about advertising trends, many people believe that broadcast station trading is about to take off again in 2010.

For many first-time buyers it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize their dream. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, that dream could turn into a nightmare.

Published by Radio Business Report Inc. the straightforward book decodes the mysteries of purchase and sale contracts and presents the most innovative contract strategies in today’s changing media environment. The key: understand how the system works including what the FCC requires in getting a transaction completed or SOLD!
To help chart a course through the treacherous waters of buying, owning and selling radio or television stations, Profitably: Buying and Selling Broadcast Stations is designed to help buyers, investors and sellers avoid pitfalls and structure deals properly. Written by three prominent attorneys, the new book provides never-before published information on the business, technical and legal aspects of buying, selling and investing in broadcast stations.
In an easy fast-read 276 pages, Profitably: Buying and Selling Broadcast Stations gives expert advice on dealing with the special challenges presented in the current broadcast marketplace.

Profitably: Buying and Selling Broadcast Stations contains:
1. sample agreements,
2. checklists, and
3. other practical information that take the reader/investor/buyer/seller- step by step from the initial letter of intent to the closing.
4. this new guide helps get the deal done. (recommended by RBR-TVBR publisher, Jim Carnegie – broadcaster of 42 years.)
Jay Williams, President of Broadcasting Unlimited, said “The book comes at the right time. It shows that despite a weak economy and a changing media landscape, purchasing and investing in stations can be profitable. It is so thorough that a buyer or seller should buy two copies – the extra to give to their lawyer.”
John Sanders of Bond & Pecaro, Inc. added: “Profitably: Buying and Selling Broadcast Stations coherently describes the legal, technical, and financial issues of a deal. It is a must read for anyone who wants to buy or invest in a broadcast station.”
Pricing and availability: Available for purchase through RBR-TVBR
or 1-800-288-4677, ext. 5022 for $49.95, paperback, $39.95, e-book.

About the authors:
Erwin G. Krasnow, former General Counsel of the National Association of Broadcasters, has been called the “dean of the communications bar” by the Legal Times and has represented sellers and buyers of broadcasting, telecommunications and tower properties in transactions totaling in excess of $21 billion.
John M. Pelkey has not only counseled numerous clients in the purchase and sale of many hundreds of broadcast stations, but he has represented diverse communications and media entities involved in the provision of new forms of communication and information dissemination.
John Wells King has counseled clients on traditional broadcast issues including transactional matters for radio, television, cable, and ISPs; in new technologies that expand the entertainment platform; and in related areas such as trademark and copyright protection and licensing, and other intellectual property issues.
For more information, contact Erwin G. Krasnow at (202) 298-2161, [email protected]; John M. Pelkey at (202) 298-2528, or [email protected]; John W. King at (202) 298-2520, [email protected]

About the publisher:
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