The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight Has “Tech Talk” with Major Music Celebrities on ITunes Podcast

/EIN Presswire/ Minneapolis – One of the hottest and most unique celebrity driven Podcast to hear some of Billboard’s chart topping and Grammy Award winning music producers, composers, arrangers, vocalists and engineers discuss their production techniques and preferences, influences, song structure, music instruments, genre, style and their craft, state of the art recording equipment, background and upcoming projects is: The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight on ITunes Podcast and the website:

Edgy R&B/Funk Jazz Music Producer/Composer Spud Too Tight is also prolific and gifted on keyboards, guitar/bass, drum programming, engineering and is an avid Logic Pro 8 and MacBook Pro user. He has been in the game for nearly 20 years composing and producing that ‘It Factor” music for indie artists, released Pop/R&B music on ITunes, Smooth Jazz Music PSA’s for some of Hollywood celebrities, and tracks for radio and television spots. His latest smooth jazz groove compositions are featured songs on his website and an appetizer for his winter/spring CD release. Spud Too Tight is one of the “Go To” music producers for that edgy defined sound, and unequivocally shares his knowledge about Logic Pro 8 and other production techniques. He has a four year Publishing/Administration deal with one of the industry’s leading companies in North America, Missing Link Music.

“I am on the grind to help educate new to the game, upcoming music producers/engineers and composers understand the music production realities of making great songs, and interacting with music celebrity Icons on the show gives listeners the resources to learn from the best. Hosting a podcast on ITunes and having a website for producers to join discussion forums and obtain additional information reaches out to those audiences” says Spud Too Tight.

Since his first show graced by Jazz/Funk Icon George Duke in August 2009, The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight has interviewed some of the most prolific Icons in Jazz such as Music Producers/Saxophonists Jackiem Joyner, Marion Meadows, Paula Atherton; Music Producers/Guitarists Paul Brown and Joyce Cooling; Music Composers/Arrangers/Pianists Derek Nakamoto and Elio Villafranca.

On the Urban music scene Music Producers Cool & Dre, Easy Mo Bee, Roy Hamilton III, Mario Winans, Mirk, Kirth Atkins, Asaf Fulks, and Music Executive Eddie O’Loughlin of Next Plateau Entertainment were also among the celebrity guest interviews.

The slate for January 2010 is already booked with renowned music producers and engineers. Spud Too Tight has a niche in the industry for being an audience captivator hosting his technically savvy podcast. His objective is to be the strategic choice for facilitating new product equipment demonstrations and conducting clinics using various types of soft synths techniques with Logic Pro 8 in association with The Producer’s Corner Podcast.

Monica Anders
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