/ EIN News / Orange Palm Publications is pleased to announce that one of its most appreciated authors Simhananda, has once again been duly recognized for his exceptional contribution to the literary world. His newest release, ‘Scriptings of the Soul, In Questions of Light’, is now an Award-Winning-Finalist at the National Best Books Awards for 2009, in the Spirituality/Inspirational category. The National Best Books 2009 Awards is sponsored by USA Book News, and tailors to a variety of mainstream and independent publishing houses.

Every one of the 308 pages of this beautifully designed book, bestows a different question with the word LIGHT, which seems to mysteriously inspire introspection and a profound sense of inner peace.

The tranquil, and intent reflection upon each poetic question awakens in the reader the dispassion, discrimination and meditative discipline needed for a life of conscious work and enlightened service to the all of humanity.

“These 308 Questions of Light are an invitation to invoke the Light of the Soul into our daily lives, thereby revealing the inner light that potentially resides within us all.”

Olympian Carrier
Will you not be an Olympian Carrier of the Sacred Flame of Light
to all corners of everywhere at all times?

Deep Peace
Does your Heart full of Light and your Spirit full of Joy
make other hearts pause and skip a beat, and wonder why
they are left with a peculiar feeling of unaccounted Deep Peace?

About Simhananda

Simhananda’s books have been acknowledged for their exceptional literary and aesthetic beauty over the years, and this is in fact his fourth time as an Award-Winning Finalist at the National Best Books Awards.

Simhananda has also won a Gold Award at the Annual Nautilus Book Awards in the category of Art/Specialty/Gift, for two consecutive years. In 2008 for his renowned photography book, ‘Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Khadromas and the Way of the Pilgrim’, and in 2009 for his book titled ‘Our Ordinary Extraordinary Earth and Its Extraordinary Ordinary People’.

He has written numerous books on spiritual wisdom. He loves people, places and the planet, and is a popular speaker on spirituality. .

Scriptings of the Soul In Questions of Light
Simhananda’s Little Book of Self-Inquiry
Author: Simhananda
Hardcover – 416 pages – Illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9809694-4-3 – Dimensions: 15 x 19 x 3 cm (6 x 7 1/4 x 1 1/8 in)
Price: US$29.95 CDN$34.95
Orange Palm Publications – Montreal, Canada