A recent report reveals that the abuse of youth inmates in Texas remains a problem.

Dallas (WiredPRNews.com) – A recent report reveals that a significant number of inmates in the facilities of the Texas Youth Commission report being sexually abused. As reported by NBC DFW News, a Bureau of Justice survey revealed high rates of sexual abuse reports in a majority of the lockups, with two being categorized among facilities with the worst rates in the U.S. in a related study.

TYC Executive Director Cherie Townsend, is quoted in the report as stating in written communication to staff regarding the report, “While we have implemented a great number of safety reforms since mid-2008, I do not feel that I can trust or assume that we’ve done everything we need to do to prevent sexual misconduct, or that every reform is working as intended… And, because this issue has been so prominent in TYC’s recent history, I do not believe others have 100 percent confidence in us either.”

Townsend is further quoted as writing of the issue, “TYC will obtain the services of an outside expert to thoroughly review the effects of our reform efforts at all TYC facilities and to identify any possible gaps in policy, procedure or culture that could jeopardize youth safety.”

As noted by NBC DFW News, TYC made headlines in 2008 amid reports of widespread abuse that prompted a number of organizational changes.

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