/ EIN Preswire / Inez Reilly, a Richmond VA resident, is a new author with an uncanny flair for unleashing and letting go of hindering emotions and mindsets. She is a 2009 winner of the famed NANOWRIMO writing contest, where she completed a novel in thirty days. Inez is breaking out on the scene, with a collection of titles, which will bring a ray of hope and a sunburst of encouragement to readers of all ages.

ALL OTHER GROUND, her first release, will spring forth internationally with its refreshing outlook on breaking the alabaster box within and taking out the trash of our pasts. HOW TO TASTE IT AT THE END OF THE DAY, a powerful fiction novel about overcoming the loss of a loved one, will be released late January 2010.

There will be subsequent novels and inspirational works to follow in the footsteps of her first two books. COVENANT; MEMORY BURN; and LIKE A ROARING LION are in the works and these titles will see release dates in the upcoming year.

You will not want to miss a word as Inez pulls you into the lives and minds of her characters. Do not be surprised, if you find yourself delving deeper into the nuances of your very own psyche, as her writing beckons the reader to be free from the ties that bind.

Book excerpts resulted in some of the following feedback:

“Excellently written…intriguing. Left me wanting/needing to read more.”
“I want the whole thing…It’s beautiful…just can’t wait for a copy of my own.”
“This is definitely alluring and pulls you into the story.”
“Beautifully written…can’t wait to read it in its entirety. Well done. Bravo.”
“You are wonderfully gifted.”
“Book will bless and heal many…written in a style can never go wrong with.”

Consumers are already clamoring for Inez’s books and her introspective, creative talents will not disappoint them. The first retailer is createspace.com, and Amazon.com division. Amazon.com and other distribution channel agreements are in progress. Be sure to stay posted for Inez’s book releases, signings, readings, and more.

ISBN# 978-1440456398 www.createspace.com/3358816
RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2009


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Media Relations for Inez R. Reilly
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