Aspire Systems Releases its Upgraded Solution Accelerator -Propel

Chennai, January 26, 2010:

Aspire Systems, an Outsourced Software Product Development company, today announced the release of its upgraded Solution Accelerator called Propel, which gives software vendors an edge over their competition by facilitating faster time-to-market.

Propel is an infrastructure framework with pre-tested building blocks that typically saves between 20-30% development time and costs. It provides a layered architecture of utility services, building blocks that abstract connection pooling, logging, error handling etc and other reusable components. Another advantage in using Propel is that it is built using industry-standard frameworks and it brings in a product-class approach to building software. Moreover, there is no vendor lock-in and it can be customized easily.

Propel comes in different packages catering to development and testing teams. The development version consists of On-premise (such as Propel.Net and PropelJ which are pre-built platforms for technologies like .NET and Java) and On-demand platforms (like Propel SaaS Lite and Propel SaaS Enterprise, catering to small and mid-sized software enterprises. They come with pre-built components like tenant provisioning, license management, metering, configurability etc. that reduces the time taken to build a SaaS product). These platforms are ready-to-use frameworks that can simply be built upon like a development template.

PropelQ is a Test Automation framework that works with any test automation tool and helps companies leverage their investments in test automation.

“We envisioned the Propel platforms to be a value-add to our customers and going by the very positive responses we have had from many of our customers , I think we have succeeded in doing just that. The recently released Propel SaaS versions especially have seen a lot of traction and have considerably reduced the time-to-market of on-premise software providers transitioning to SaaS”, says Gowri Subramanian, CEO of Aspire Systems.

” The Propel platforms are an integral part of our approach to developing software, called Producteering. Along with our integrated platform for collaboration, communication and project management (PRISM), Propel reduces the software development cycle, eliminates redundancy and enhances team productivity. It also enables development teams to focus on the business requirements of the product or solution they are building, rather than re-inventing the wheel.”

About Aspire:

Aspire Systems, is an Outsourced Product Development firm committed to helping our customers build software products better and faster. Aspire provides complete product lifecycle services, ranging from new product development and product advancement to product migration, re-engineering, sustenance and support. Our approach to product development is based on “Producteering™”, which we have evolved and refined through years of product-building experience. Producteering is a set of Principles and Practices, driven by the right People and supported by the right Platforms. Producteering, when applied rigorously, will always result in well-engineered, high-quality software.