Demo Coach Clients Win a Combined $1 Million Media Prize

Emo Labs and Liaise won the top awards at the DEMO Conference.
Both companies were trained by the same presentation coach.

Fremont, CA – January 25, 2010 — At last year’s DEMO Conference, clients of The Demo Coach were all smiles and giggles and were almost giddy about the attention they were receiving from the press, analysts, venture capitalists, audience members, Twitter, Facebook, and even the A/V crew! Twice a year, 70+ companies take the stage where they have exactly 6 minutes to present their product and services to an audience made up of venture capitalists who could ultimately fund them and journalists who will write about them. It’s even webcasted around the world for anyone to watch real-time. The DEMO stage is an intense pressure situation even for the seasoned presenter.

Emo Labs was one of the top prizewinners, capturing both the $500,000 Media Prize and the DEMOgod Award. Located on the East Coast, they worked remotely by phone with The Demo Coach, and, after several brainstorming sessions and dress rehearsals, they delivered a stunning demo of their invisible speakers and emerged as the talk of the conference.

“After the first meeting with The Demo Coach, we re-created 50% of our demo and pitch. The result was positively magical!” said Jason Carlson, CEO of Emo Labs. “The Demo Coach helped us move away from our tell-and-show methodology and to a show-and-tell in order to bring the magic into our demo.”

The other $500,000 Media Prize winner, Liaise, was judged best enterprise product by attendees, press, and venture capitalists. Sidney Minassian, Liaise CEO said, “We could not have done it without The Demo Coach. The results speak for themselves. They focused on our strengths and lifted us up from merely regurgitating product features to positioning our technology for maximum impact. We could not have asked for a better coach and mentor. They helped us make this happen! What’s more, what we learned from this experience will spill over into our sales and marketing activities.”

In addition to the $1 million Media Prize, 5 DEMOgod Awards were given to the top presenters at the conference. Interestingly, 4 of them shared a similarity in how they prepared for their time on stage. They had all been trained and coached by the same presentation and demo coaching company. “When people find out we coach people in how to deliver memorable presentations and product demos, they usually tell me that they never knew something like that was available. I get that all of the time,” said Nathan Gold, founder of The Demo Coach.

For the participants, the weeks leading up to the conference are consumed by preparations, script writing, and rehearsals. The presenters know that the rewards to be captured following an outstanding presentation could be substantial — placing them on the fast track to success. “It’s a big mistake to think your product will live on its own without a tightly scripted and well-rehearsed demo on this stage. Hiring a presentation coach, whether your PR firm or me, will keep you on track and force you to practice, even when you don’t want to!” said Gold.

As a result of their outstanding presentations, both EmoLabs and Liaise were featured in the Money section of USA Today as “Start-ups to Watch.” Other DEMOgod Awards winners were TwirlTV, Hevva, and Zorap — all of whom were coached by The Demo Coach.

“After coaching people for all sorts of high stakes, do-or-die, can’t miss presentations and demos, I can confidently tell you the most important thing missing in most people’s delivery is enthusiasm and creating at least one truly memorable moment. If presenters fail to convey enthusiasm for their product, service, company, or cause, they are just like everyone else. How can you expect people to remember you, if you don’t give them something to remember you by?” said Gold.


Picture Caption: Nathan Gold

The next DEMOspring 2010 conference is on March 21-23 in Palm Desert, California. Announcing your company and product to the world at this conference is too important not to get help. “Hiring a coach to get you ready for this type of event could mean the difference between fame and flame. It won’t be easy. It’s like preparing for a 6-minute play that you only get one shot at giving live in front of an audience and cameras!” said Gold.

About DEMO:

DEMO has served as the launch pad for emerging technology for high tech companies across the globe for the past 19 years. Twice each year, firms meet to exchange ideas, showcase their products, and compete in high tech product demonstrations. The DEMO Conferences have provided a worldwide stage for many companies and their products, including Palm, E*Trade, WebEx,, and TiVo.

About The Demo Coach:

The Demo Coach helps people develop and deliver memorable and compelling presentations and product demonstrations to shorten sales cycles, raise venture capital, and bring awareness and attention to emerging technologies. The techniques and unique approach used by the coaches come from 35 years of personally giving presentations and product demos and from 10 years of coaching. The company was founded in 2000 by Nathan Gold, a 2-time DEMOgod Award winner and the co-author of the book Giving Memorable Product Demos, available on To get your own 1-hour presentation makeover (a $500 value) at no charge, go here:

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