/ EIN Presswire / Mountz, Inc – the torque tool specialists has launched a new web site, www.mountztorque.com. The new Mountz website provides a comprehensive overview of the industry’s best torque tools by Product, Application and Industry. Easy to navigate, the Mountz website engages engineers (as well as general users) to specify product and access resources in the Learning Center. Useful tools such as how to video or a torque conversion calculator provide valuable resources to users. “The resources added to this site help to educate and allow greater job performance,” said Chris Morris, MarCom Manager at Mountz. “Much of the data engineers ask us for everyday has been incorporated into this new dynamic site at the request of our customers.” Along with standard torque tool product information the enhanced web site features torque tips, training tips, tool calibration guides, tool selection advice, updates to torque standards, videos, case studies and application stories to help enhance knowledge of torque and correct tool use.

Torque Control is more than simply taking a hand or power tool and tightening a fastener or bolt. The new Mountz web site will educate engineers and resellers on topics like “What is Torque?”, “How is torque measured?” and “Stresses induced into a bolt.” Offering these insights allow engineers and resellers to better understand the basic knowledge of torque and how it impacts their applications and quality control. Controlling torque is quintessential for companies to ensure their product’s quality, safety and reliability isn’t compromised.

Mountz has been in business for 45 years, solving torque problems, sharing information and providing the industry’s best torque tools. The new Mountz web site archives our in-depth knowledge of torque solutions and gives users 24/7/365 access. Mountz, known in the industry as the nation’s premier torque tool supplier, is an ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited company. Mountz offers tools that comply with ISO6789:2003 and are constructed from high quality materials, engineered for superior reliability and safety, tested and backed by an industry leading warranty.

In order to maintain accuracy, it is crucial that torque control measuring equipment be calibrated
and serviced regularly. The new Mountz website provides information and recommended guidelines for maintaining all types of torque tools and measuring equipment.

Mountz believes in torque education. Providing engineers practical and theoretical information about torque is vital for the production of quality products. In closing Morris states, “the more knowledge and torque education Mountz offers through the web site, the easier it is for engineers to create a torque control program that is best suited for their needs.”