Keeping a Watchful Eye on your Windows Servers

A Comprehensive Solution to Server Management

Miami, FL – February 3, 2010 –There is little need to make a case on the importance of maintaining a healthy and reliable central infrastructure. The ever increasing appetite for super-large databases, single-point identity management, data storage, virtualization and stringent availability requirements put heavy responsibilities on IT and hefty loads on the central infrastructure’s end-points: the servers.

The servers, hidden behind layers of load-balancing and clustering are so impalpable to the end-users yet so real to the IT administrators. As guardians of these humming, clicking and heating machines, the IT administrator must be omniscient and omnipotent. He or she must not only have an overview of the health of a cluster of servers, but also be able to react instantly upon each individual incident. Goverlan Remote Control v7, a product from PJ Technologies, includes a Server Monitoring feature which allows IT Administrators to do just that.

Veni, Vidi, Cerno
I Came, I Saw, I Resolved…

Goverlan Remote Control v7 is a software solution which allows you to view the desktop and control the keyboard and mouse of remote systems. This solution, designed exclusively for IT professionals, has a feature dedicated to view the screen and monitor the health of groups of servers.

Using the Data Center Monitoring feature, you can instantly connect to a group of machines and view screen snapshots taken on a configurable time interval. All screens are visible simultaneously thereby allowing the administrator to have a visual overview of what is happening on each server.

From the monitoring view, many performance counters can be enabled such as CPU load, disk activity, network bandwidth utilization or memory consumption. The counter values are displayed for every server and are color coded to further assist the administrator to detect potential issues.

The refresh time interval for the screen updates and the counter updates can be configured independently. This design allows the monitoring of large groups of servers with minimal impact on the network. In fact, the number of remote systems which can be monitored simultaneously is solely dictated by the available memory resources of the machine hosting the Goverlan software.

Going from problem detection to problem resolution is done easily. As soon as an issue is detected, a simple double click of the server thumbnail opens a live remote control session to this server. With real-time control of the server’s desktop keyboard and mouse, the necessary actions can then be executed as if you were physically working on the machine.

Other remote administration features are also available from the monitoring view such as advanced process management and performance counter analysis.

The Goverlan Remote Control v7 product is available for $299 per administrator with no additional client node fee. The monitoring feature supports all Windows based platforms from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008 Server R2.

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