Aspire Systems releases Propel SaaS, an enterprise SaaS development framework for Solution Providers

/EIN Presswire/ Aspire Systems, an Outsourced Product Development company, today announced the release of its Software as a Service (SaaS) framework Propel SaaS, which gives SaaS providers an edge over competition by facilitating faster time-to-market.

Aspire’s Propel SaaS is a powerful Enterprise Product Development framework that helps develop an On-Demand product, which will have the core SaaS characteristics such as multi-tenancy, license management, metering, etc. This also includes plumbing layer components, product building blocks and reusable components that drastically slash development time and cost for launching a SaaS solution successfully. PropelSaaS is a cloud-ready framework so that service providers can directly deploy it in cloud such as Amazon EC2, Azure, OpSource, etc.

“We have developed this framework keeping the engineering challenges in mind for SaaS providers. Close to about 30% of engineering functionalities are common across different SaaS solutions. Yet everyone begins the development from basics. Our framework provides core SaaS building blocks such as tenant provisioning, configurability, license management, metering, authentication and authorization, etc. By cutting down significant development time, Aspire’s Propel SaaS will help solution providers to focus on their business functionalities and reduce the total cost of ownership. Propel SaaS will help us to provide high quality product development services to our SaaS customers.”, said, Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Chief Technology Officer – Aspire Systems.

Aspire’s out-of-the-box Propel SaaS framework is available in two flavors – Propel SaaS Lite and Propel SaaS Enterprise, which are being used by Small and Mid-Sized software Enterprises. Few of Aspire’s customers have already started realizing the value of this framework by developing their solution with Propel SaaS.

About Aspire Systems:

Aspire Systems is an Outsourced Product Development firm committed in helping our customers build software products better and faster. We work with some of the world’s most innovative Independent Software Vendors and software enabled- businesses, ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders, transforming the way software is built.

Our approach to product development is based on the pioneering concept of ProducteeringTM, which we have evolved and refined through the years of product-building experience. Producteering is a set of Principles and Practices, driven by the right People and supported by the right Platforms. When applied rigorously, Producteering will always result in well-engineered, high-quality software.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, Aspire has additional operations in San Jose, CA, USA and London, UK.