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February, 2010

/ / Barack Obama, the first African American president in history has astounded the literary world with his public speaking and eloquent speeches. He is simply second to none when it comes to the art of persuasion. Incredible Obama is a book that clearly depicts what you would not normally find in any other book.

Barack Obama has maximized his natural born potential to his advantage by convincing the public to believe in change. Although some of his choices are heavily criticized, one cannot ignore the fact that he is one of the most influential people in the world. Within his first year only as president, he has already won the Noble-peace prize for 2009.

Barack Obama during a press conference in February 9, 2009 comments: “My whole goal over the next four years is to make sure that, whatever arguments are persuasive and backed up by evidence and facts and proof that they can work, that we are pulling people together around that kind of pragmatic agenda”

By dividing the book, Incredible Obama, into sections beginning in 2002, the reader saves time by simply finding the quotes and speeches by date. With just 130 pages, Incredible Obama can actually be carried almost everywhere and easily shared among friends and colleagues.

Although the book is titled “Incredible Obama”, it actually paints a picture of the incredible skills of a very established public speaker. This book defies the aspect of time as it naturally sets itself to be a historic book. It is available on


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