FDA Raises Red Flag on Dissolvable Tobacco

February 12, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ It’s flavored, finely milled tobacco that dissolves in a person’s mouth, and the Food & Drug Administration is concerned that it’s being targeted to kids and young adults. The FDA has put two tobacco companies on notice over flavored tobacco, saying the product compares with candy and is loaded with nicotine.

According to AP, the FDA has sent letters of concern to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Star Scientific Inc. about their smokeless tobacco products that are consumed like breath mints, asking the companies to provide their research and marketing information on how young people perceive the product.

In his letter, Dr. Lawrence Deyton, director of the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), wrote, “CTP is concerned that children and adolescents may find dissolvable tobacco products particularly appealing, given the brightly colored packaging, candy-like appearance and easily concealable size of many of these products.”

The AP says R. J. Reynolds is test-marketing dissolvable tablets, strips and a toothpick shape under the names Camel Orbs, Camel Strips and Camel Sticks in mint and other flavors.

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