Jeans Cream Encourages Self-Care, Chance To Win $50 Spa Certificate

Jeans Radiation Cream for Radiation Therapy, Eczema, Shingles, and Sunburn

Peabody, MA — To celebrate each person’s unique and ongoing journey of healing, Jeans Cream is encouraging people to take time for self-care and stress-reduction on a regular basis.

“Many of us are looking for that one miracle cure that’s going to fix everything and make us happy, healthy and rich overnight,” says Jeans Cream founder Jean Soulios. “But life doesn’t work that way. We need to continually invest in ourselves every day. Health and well-being are created with every choice we make.”

During the month of March, customers of Jeans Cream will receive free shipping on all their purchases while being entered to win a $50 Gift Certificate to the spa of their choice. The company hopes the drawing will remind customers that caring for themselves shouldn’t end because their cancer treatment is over or because their eczema or psoriasis symptoms are relieved.

Jeans Cream was originally created as a radiation burn cream to help protect, soothe and heal the skin when undergoing radiation treatments for cancer. Increasingly, customers are using the cream beyond their course of radiation therapy. They’ve recommended it to friends and family, and are using it themselves to relieve the pain and itching of eczema and shingles, to alleviate sunburn, and even to help skin heal after cosmetic surgery.

Just like Jean’s belief about creating a healthy life one step at a time, she says that Jeans Cream is successful because it doesn’t claim to give you overnight miracles. “If you apply the cream consistently as part of a regular regimen of self-care, your skin gets the support, nourishment and attention it needs in order to heal.”

On March 1, customers of Jeans Cream will receive an email encouraging them to take time for their own well-being. It will include the code that gives them free shipping on purchases and enters them to win the $50 Spa Gift Certificate Giveaway. Others may email [email protected] for details.

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