Winners of the ICIMOD Competition ‘Media Reports on Climate Change in the Himalayas’ (17 February 2010)

/EIN Presswire/ The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is pleased to announce the results of the competition for journalists for articles with a theme related to climate change in the Himalayas. The competition was organised by ICIMOD from 24 September to 15 December 2009. The aim was to capture published media reports and to encourage journalists to write on mountain, and especially Himalayan issues. The competition was open to written articles and reports first published in a printed or online publication between 01 August and 07 December 2009 (the start of ‘COP 15’ in Copenhagen). The judging criteria were based on composition, content, originality, and overall effectiveness in conveying the message.

International Category

Winner: Anjali Derryn Nayar

Country: Canada

Title: When the ice melts

Published in Nature Journal on 22 October 2009

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Runner Up: Laurie Anne MacGregor

Country: United Kingdom

Title: Moderelvenes død – Death of a Mother River

Published in Folkevett magazine on 26 October 2009

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Regional Category

Winner: Farrukh Ahmed Chishtie

Country: Pakistan

Title: Glacier flooding: A renewed Threat

Published in Subh-e-Nau on 5 November 2009

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Runner Up: Ramesh Prasad Bhushal

Country: Nepal

Title: Cash on forest to fight climate change and earn foreign exchange

Published in The Himalayan Times on 17 September 2009

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Outstanding Regional Young Journalist Award

Winner: Smriti Felicitas Mallapaty

Country: Nepal

Title: Glaciers take the heat

Published in Himal Southasian, October-November Issue 2009

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Special Mentions

Special Mention: Mahfujur Rahman

Country: Bangladesh

Title: Climate change impact on extended Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

Published in The Daily Star on 7 November 2009


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Special Mention: Joydeep Gupta

Country: India

Title: From a receding glacier, an SOS to the world

Published in Indo-Asian News Service on 22 September 2009

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Congratulations to all the winners!