Business directory slated to aid in Michigan’s economic recovery.

TAYLOR, MI – Michigan’s economy continues to suffer in the wake of a recession that many say is well on its way to recovery. However, businesses in Michigan continue to experience a shrinking consumer market due to record job losses. There has been a sign of hope in news that Ford has recorded favorable profit earnings in its last quarter. Yet, according to a recent article published in an international media source and entitled, ‘Dark Ages’, Michigan’s economy may not fully rebound for 15 years. What does that mean for shoppers and businesses still struggling to prosper in Michigan? There is an obvious disconnection between businesses and consumers. Advertising costs remain high and continue to rise while customers tighten their belts and become more selective about how they spend their limited funds.

A Michigan native and entrepreneur recognizes the conflict and commented, “This disparity has caused a snow ball effect that makes Michigan a difficult place to operate a successful business. If a business can’t afford to attract or reach customers, they don’t have a chance of keeping their doors open. Ultimately, their business will fail and Michigan’s economy will continue to bear the brunt of this damaging cycle.”

This entrepreneur offers a solution that is being seen as a boost to Michigan commerce–a web based business directory that utilizes social media marketing, reward based promotions and affordable advertising options–centered mainly on Michigan businesses and Michigan shoppers. Mi Local Perks, pronounced, ‘my local perks’, is currently inviting local Michigan businesses to join the directory and try the services free for 30 days. Each business receives a web page within the directory and is listed under the city and category that best suits it. With three levels of affordable service, any size business can take advantage of a variety of resources, such as offering printable coupons directly from their Mi Local Perks web page, have their discounts e-mailed to a growing list of Michigan consumers and offer customer surveys that provide valuable feedback about products and services.

According to the Mi Local Perks founder, “The best part is the Mi Rewards Program. Shoppers are encouraged to join this rewards program for free and can earn points for patronizing businesses listed within the directory. Points can then be redeemed for rewards, like gift cards to Target, Meijer, Walmart, Macy’s and other fine merchants. This type of ‘rewards for shopping’ program has been very successful and helps businesses stay connected to their consumer market.”

Though this Michigan business directory is still within its infancy, there has already been positive feedback and interest from shoppers and business owners alike. The founder continued by saying, “We are confident that our efforts will help to boost Michigan’s economy by providing an affordable, efficient and profitable way to introduce Michigan businesses to Michigan shoppers.”

The official launch date of the site is March 31st, 2010. However, the directory itself is currently open to the public, yet not completely filled. Businesses are being asked to create an account for free and give Mi Local Perks a test drive.

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