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Software inventory is one of the key points of every network audit, and every IT-manager knows how important license compliance is in a company’s budget. With the new version of Network Inventory Advisor you can handle software and licenses audit as hassle-free as never before.

Elk Grove, CA – February 22, 2010 – ClearApps LLC releases the new version of its network management software, Network Inventory Advisor 3.7.
“We kept our word; the promised update is already available. For the last 3 months the whole team was working hard implementing new features many of our clients asked about. This time we concentrated on software inventory. While hardware management has already received a boost in one of the last updates, Network Inventory Advisor still lacked some profound software inventory features. The new version 3.7 is bound to cover this by all means. 3.7 is a free upgrade to all registered users, and provides improved licenses management, network software control, and software- and hardware-related reports building.” – says Jeff Mitchels, ClearApps CEO.
Network Inventory Advisor 3.7 features a totally new report, which replaces the old less flexible “All software” list. While it still lists all your network software in one convenient place automatically calculating the number of installed instances and tracking the number of licenses you own, since now on you have a number of new tools to manage this list even more efficiently.
Using grouping templates you can automatically group inventoried software titles according to any of your requirements: by publisher, version, software type, etc. You can now easily specify software usage status (allowed, prohibited, must-have, etc) and build reports based on that, by locating the nodes running illegal software, for instance. Network Inventory Advisor 3.7 lets you add notes to any software title (for reminding, licensing or other purposes), sort and filter them by multiple parameters, and build flexible lists to present to your auditor or top-management.
Speaking of other new features, ClearApps updated more than 50 other aspects of Network Inventory Advisor, extended the number of data fields available in tabular reports, added quick navigation bar for more convenient switching among your nodes and reports you build; and fixed many minor bugs.

Further information on the product is available at http://www.clearapps.com/
Product page link: http://www.clearapps.com/pc-inventory.html
Download link: http://www.clearapps.com/download.html (7.2 Mb)
Support e-mail: [email protected]
Company website: http://www.clearapps.com/