Aspire Systems signs another Data Integration deal

/EIN Presswire/ Chennai, Feb 25, 2010: Aspire Systems, an Outsourced Software Product Development company; today announced its recent customer win in data integration space. Aspire has signed a multi year deal with a leading provider of data integration solutions based in USA. The customer’s products are used by the world’s largest financial services, telecommunication, manufacturing, transportation, and consulting companies to migrate legacy sorts and data, rapidly transform and report on very large files in data preparation (DW staging and integration) and franchising (BI) operations, and to improve the performance of databases and applications.

Understanding the data integration tools market is gaining new momentum as organizations recognize the role of these technologies in support of high-profile initiatives such as master data management (MDM), business intelligence (BI) and delivery of service-oriented architectures (SOAs); Aspire has committed itself for major investments with a Data Integration Centre of Excellence. Aspire has also observed a majority of organizations are limited in their ability to derive business value from their data and content-related tools and technologies and are realizing they need to think about data integration holistically and have a common set of data integration capabilities they can use across the enterprise.

Aspire’s Data Integration expertise: Aspire can help you build Data Integration Platforms, Databases/DB Tools, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Solutions. Aspire’s data infrastructure capabilities include building relevant plug-ins on top of the IDEs (including Eclipse),developing and deploying Database Drivers – connect through single standards, exposing complex Mainframe legacy file systems in a Table format – reduce error rate and clutter. Aspire provides data integration for distributed applications, delivering real-time transactional views of shared data, in the form that applications need. Aspire’s Best Practices include usage of Metadata Repositories and Services, Service-oriented Integration, XML-based Data Abstraction Layer and Data Security.

About Aspire:
Aspire Systems, is an Outsourced Product Development firm committed to helping our customers build software products better and faster. Aspire provides complete product lifecycle services, ranging from new product development and product advancement to product migration, re-engineering, sustenance and support. Our approach to product development is based on “Producteering™”, which we have evolved and refined through years of product-building experience. Producteering is a set of Principles and Practices, driven by the right People and supported by the right Platforms. Producteering, when applied rigorously, will always result in well-engineered, high-quality software.