New Chicago Entertainment Magazine Vows To Thrust Unknown Talent Into The Limelight

Chicago, IL – February 25, 2010 — The buzz is growing over the February 2010 release of Undiscovered Magazine- a DARING new magazine that promises to shine some of the illusive limelight on up and coming talent.

Three months ago actress and model Robyn Daniels founded Undiscovered Magazine, a brand new bimonthly online magazine determined to SHATTER the glass ceiling that seems to be hovering over the Black Chicago entertainment scene. The publication is dedicated to bringing the spotlight to Chicago and the mass of talent within its midst.

Founder Robyn Daniels says, “The media as a whole decides who and what to make the American public pay attention to. That’s why it’s next to impossible for new talent to break onto any scene, whether it’s social, artistic, theatrical, cinematic, musical etc. My thinking is this: What if a magazine broke that cycle in an effort to MAKE the public pay attention to unknown talent? That is the point of this magazine.”

Showcasing Chicago talent in the areas of: Art, Fashion, Writers, Music, Actors and Directors, Undiscovered Magazine will be released to the public February 25, 2010. In honor of their inaugural issue, they will be offering FREE downloadable copies of the magazine exclusively at:

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Undiscovered Magazine
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