The Producteering Forum, sponsored by Aspire Systems, expands its ranks

/EIN Presswire/ Chennai, February 25, 2010:
Aspire Systems, an Outsourced Software Product Development company, has started a forum – The Producteering Forum – that caters to CXOs of software companies, product engineering specialists and ISV ecosystem partners with exclusive focus on software development and related tips & best practices.

“There are a plethora of websites, blogs and forums that cater specifically to packaged software providers/software vendors today. Software marketing, sales, business management and strategy are dealt with in detail on these sites. However, there is a surprising dearth of such forums and groups focused exclusively on software product engineering,” said Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Aspire’s co-founder and CTO, explaining the reason behind the formation of the forum.

The forum is gaining traction among members belonging to different cadres of the software development community with about 280+ members so far, from around the globe (including CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, VPs of Engineering/Product development, Product managers and Product engineers).

Some of the regular features of the Producteering forum include interviews with various experts from the software industry, product development tips from actual practitioners, real-life examples of product engineering innovation and opinions on various technical and software business topics.

Regular teleconferences and breakfast sessions in different US cities are among a few of the other activities planned in the future, to enable better networking and knowledge sharing among members.

About Aspire:
Aspire Systems, is an Outsourced Product Development firm committed to helping our customers build software products better and faster. Aspire provides complete product lifecycle services, ranging from new product development and product advancement to product migration, re-engineering, sustenance and support. Our approach to product development is based on “Producteering™”, which we have evolved and refined through years of product-building experience. Producteering is a set of Principles and Practices, driven by the right People and supported by the right Platforms. Producteering, when applied rigorously, will always result in well-engineered, high-quality software.