Book Publishers Not Immune to Internet Piracy

March 3, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ While some consider e-books to be in their infancy as a medium, reports of widespread e-book piracy would suggest that the format has taken off just fine.

According to file-tracking company Attributor, piracy has already cost the publishing industry almost $3 billion in lost sales. The company believes that nearly 10,000 copies of every book published are downloaded for free, with business and investing books being the genre of books pirated the most.

Whether the publishing industry would have sold $3 billion in books (or that that many copies of a book are illegally downloaded) is up for debate, but there’s little doubt that books are plenty popular in digital form — and should see a popularity boost, both legitimately and pirated, when e-readers like the iPad arrive in force in 2010.

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