Chile Earthquake Takes Toll on Wine Industry

March 3, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ The Chilean wine industry was affected by the powerful earthquake that had an epicenter squarely in the country’s wine-producing region. The wineries are still accessing the scope of the damage.

Not only was wine-production infrastructure damaged, but at least “tens of millions of liters” of wine may have been lost, the Miami Herald reported. The country’s largest producer, Concha y Toro, suffered major damage to three of its 11 facilities.

Fortunately for the producers, the earthquake happened before harvest season, giving the wine makers a chance to salvage the 2010 crop. Chile exported 670 million liters of wine in 2009, accounting for more than $1.36 billion.

Chilean wines are popular in the US for their value, but will the wine still be supported if the price sees a hike?

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