Eric Nernberg, Leading Pittsburgh Restaurateur, Returns To Union Grill

Eric Nernberg, a leading Pittsburgh restaurateur, is heading back home to his popular restaurant Union Grill after a six-year hiatus in South East Asia. Although Eric Nernburg has been away, the restaurant has flourished under the head chef.

PITTSBURGH, PA – Eric Nernberg has returned to his Pittsburgh restaurant, Union Grill, after a six year long sabbatical in Thailand, and he has big plans.

Eric Nernberg is a Pittsburgh based restaurateur who started Union Grill in 1994 before moving to Thailand in late 2003. Nernberg attempted to recreate his restaurant magic in the seaside resort of Pattaya with a bar/restaurant called Shooters. While Shooters did not take off the way Nernberg had planned, Eric Nernberg established himself as a successful publishing expert in Bangkok, where he produced three newspapers and magazines for the local and ex-pat community.

“The Shooters concept had very limited appeal to an international clientele so Shooters was sold after six months. However, I have no regrets because that is what gave me the chance to expand my horizons and explore the world of publishing in Bangkok. But now I’m heading back to Pittsburgh and raring to get back into the groove of the restaurant business. The Pittsburgh restaurant scene has greatly expanded over the past 16 years and I want to take Union Grill to exciting new heights,” says Eric Nernberg (

Since his departure, Union Grill has thrived under the management of Chef Jim Dillon and the restaurant has built a solid reputation for value. The restaurant is well reputed for giant portions of ‘from scratch’ cooking at a surprisingly low price. In the last year the restaurant also initiated the Half Price Happy Hour, where all drinks are 50% off between the hours of 6pm and 8pm every day. In addition, Union Grill has also brought back the very affordable $10 Wine List — a large selection of the country’s most popular wines that the restaurant buys for $9.99 and marks up by one cent.

Eric Nernburg harbors a special place in his heart for Union Grill and upon his return to Pennsylvania in 2010 he plans to renovate and expand the restaurant to make it even more appealing to its already diverse clientele. He has sold his shares in the Thailand based publishing business to his partner and is all set for an April return to business.

“Two things make Union Grill special for me. The first is the huge number of regular customers. I would say that on any given night I can recognize about 75% of the faces. Students, Squirrel Hill and Shadyside residents, doctors and nurses, university professors and employees, museum visitors, event goers – I can’t imagine a more diverse clientele. The second thing that I love about the restaurant is the great staff, many of whom have been working since the day we opened in 1994. This business is ripe for expansion, and I look forward to seeking out opportunities when I return full time in April 2010,” concludes Eric Nernberg.

About Eric Nernberg: Eric Nernberg ( is a restaurateur who founded one of Pittsburgh’s favorite restaurants, Union Grill. After having established a publishing venture in Thailand over the last six years, Nernberg is returning to his home turf in 2010 to expand his Union Grill business.

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