/ EINPresswire.com / HOUSTON, TEXAS. March 16, 2010 – After demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness in the field, CECO’s rMAX™ valve (patent pending) is becoming the replacement valve of choice for high-speed compressor operators looking for longer valve life while matching the flow of plate valves.
The CECO rMAX™ valve will run much longer than conventional plate valves, especially in “dirty” or “wet gas” applications. High-speed compressor operators who have previously had to replace or rebuild plate valves several times a year will find the rMAX™ valve can eliminate costly down-time.
“We have been perfecting the rMAX™ for years,” said Gene Thompson, CECO’s Vice-President for Engineering. “Our customers had been asking for a more durable high-speed valve, and we applied our expertise in poppet valves to the solution,” he said.
When the rMAX™ was in development, CenterPoint Energy contacted CECO about an unusually high valve failure rate at one of their compressor stations. CenterPoint’s compressor specialist and mechanical personnel, along with CECO’s representative, determined that contaminates in the gas stream were causing station hands to replace or repair valves frequently – sometimes as often as every one or two weeks. CECO engineers suggested that CenterPoint install the rMAX™ valves. Now, two years later, the rMAX high-speed poppet valves are “still going strong,” CenterPoint’s Brad Goodwin said. “That’s reliability.”
The design, manufacture and materials of the rMAX™ contribute to its reliability. “The rMAX™ valves are fully-machined and we developed state-of-the-art composite poppet materials for reliability even in adverse conditions. We have a long-life valve with maximum flow areas. The CECO rMAX™ valve is adaptive to many different applications and environments because of our ability to effectively control its flow,” Thompson said.
CECO is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of engine and compressor replacement parts. Customers include gas pipelines, gathering and processing companies, petrochemical, industrial and refrigeration plants worldwide. In addition, CECO Pipeline Services offers new construction and a variety of maintenance services to pipeline operators. CECO Training & Technical Services specializes in testing, training and consulting services to compressor and engine operators. CECO, headquartered in Houston, also has facilities in Odessa, Texas, Irondale, Alabama and Walker, Louisiana.
More information about CECO is available at www.TRYCECO.com.

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