Love My Pets GPS LLC announces the ultimate reflective, glow in the dark dog collar. In keeping with our goal of providing pet safety products, this product will protect a pet using a reflective glow in the dark dog collar during low light or night-time conditions. Not Batteries Required.

Looking for the ultimate canine safety accessory? If so Love My Pets GPS Pet safety products is proud to announce the release of a glow in the dark dog collar which also reflects to promote pet safety. The unit is the only device on the market that includes an exclusive GLOW IN THE DARK / REFLECTIVE collar.

LovemypetsGPS Pet Safety GPS Dog Collars proactively pinpoints a apets location with the use of state-of-the-art GPS technology including an online service. Apart from this, the glow-in-the-dark and reflective elements of the collar will enhance a pets overall safety when the sun sets significantly. This is a device that will within seconds, indicate your pets position on a GPS map as well as track the direction a pet is moving. There is even an iPhone application specifically to locate a lost pet.

ALL Love My Pets GPS safety products including the glow dog collar, are made from only the best quality materials on the market. The products special fluorescent material is bonded to polyester and requires absolutely no charging or batteries whatsoever and glows for 12 hours plus! Reflective dog collars and reflective dog harnesses that glow in the dark are truly unique and functional in all weather. Mary Ann McNutt of Love My Pets GPS recently noted that “Love My Pets GPS provides high quality and affordable pet safety products because we know that your pets are important members of the family”. These products are perfect for Service Dogs and Search and Rescue dogs or SAR dogs as they provide added protection for the dog. Love My Pets GPS provides custom collars and harnesses for service dogs providing custom made service dog equipment, even your pet at home.”

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